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tumblr fics

So I have two fics inspired by posts on tumblr lately.

The first is inspired by a post someone made a while back saying that Illyan should have reported immediately to his second in command when he started to have things go wrong with his memory chip. And I thought, yeah, but his second in command is Haroche. So that's the story of this fic:

Error State
Illyan attempts to report his chip problems to Haroche.


The other is a ficlet as requested by twicelivedsummer here.

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twentieth century woman in the twenty-first century

Sometimes living in the future is great.

The seal on our shower screen is giving up the will to live. On my most recent trip to B&Q - a regular occurrence when you have all unknowing married someone whose favourite words are 'no, we don't need to call anyone out, I can fix that myself' - I was instructed to find a new one and given dimensions. Of course they don't have anything with the precise dimensions, so I get the closest of the four available options and bring it home. It doesn't fit, and so Mr P suggests there's probably a website called shower seals dotcom where I can find every possible variety of shower seal and they'll have one that fits our shower. I laugh in his face, because this is obviously ridiculous.

My friends, there is such a website, with a trifling variation of name (just in case you are ever in this particular situation, it's and they do have every possible shape and style of shower seal. Including one that will fit our shower, which is now in the post to us. I am just delighted that this is a sufficiently common problem that some enterprising person has discovered that he can buy up stock of every kind of shower seal imaginable, list them all on one easy-to-use website, and sell them across the country in sufficient numbers to, presumably, make a living. There are times when I am annoyed by the modern world, like when Philomythulus discovered that if he types the words on his favourite marble run box into Google image search he can find 10,000 other marble runs that he would like me to buy, but this, I have to say, is excellent.

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recent watching

Which I've already talked about a lot, but hey, how often do you find an amazingly tropey sf/crime drama that's this much fun and also has a delightful active fandom on DW? This is basically a long casefic-type slashfic that got filmed in its entirety and then had all the actual sex and kissing deleted but everything else kept in. Especially the h/c, you've never seen anything like this show for long, long, delightful h/c sequences and more protectiveness than you can shake a stick at. Tearjerker ending, subtitles much more painful than Nirvana in Fire, but well worth it. Oh, and the leads are beautiful. Also watching it is expanding my knowledge of Chinese, which is currently very un-useful due to NiF: I know lots of phrases like 'yes, your highness' and 'princess' and 'the emperor is leaving' and 'KILL! KILL! KILL!' but a bit less on the 'thank you' and what you say when you answer a phone.

Gentleman Jack
Only watched the first three episodes so far but I am absolutely delighted with it and I so, so, so need Anne's coat. I love all the shots of her striding around Yorkshire in it so much, and I love everything about her really and she can break all the hearts she likes as far as I'm concerned. Also I really like how Marion is shown: we see that she's annoying Anne, but at the same time, she's definitely a person of her own with her own opinions and abilities.

Crazy Rich Asians
Good popcorn fun, and the chemistry between Rachel and Eleanor was fantastic. The romance between Rachel and Nick was okay, but come on, Rachel only accepts Nick's proposal when he uses Eleanor's ring, and all the most interesting scenes in the film involved Eleanor. I was very pleased when I looked at the tiny fandom and saw it shared my opinion on this. The mahjong scene was amazing too.

The Favourite
I was surprised by how much I liked this. It seemed like it was going to go off into the cringe/gross side of comic, but it didn't, and instead it was fantastic, a bit surreal, but somehow felt more like real period life than your average period drama. Also I am so in love with the Duchess of Marlborough that I don't even know how to describe it. If I was Anne I'd let her do whatever the hell she wanted too. The scene where she shot Abigail! Mostly, though, I loved seeing women having recognisable-to-me emotions all over the place, and a story in which men were entirely painted and frilly accessories to a complex and fierce emotional three-way tug-of-war between women.

Smiley's People
A 80s tv drama that I saw on a list of really good TV. I am not convinced, and by not convinced I mean the pace was so leisurely that I struggled to stay awake and had no idea what was happening at any point during the story. Admittedly this is my usual response to Le Carre; I never can make head or tail of any of the plots he writes even when they get filtered through a scriptwriter first, I had the same reaction to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and while I've read a lot of his books I don't understand any of them. I guess it's a testament to the fact that he does something right that I keep reading them anyway. I did sort of understand The Constant Gardener, I guess? Anyway, the show was very atmospheric and Smiley was fantastic and I really enjoyed the scene at the end when he breaks the Russian diplomat, but I spent the vast majority of the time wondering what was going on and why.

Also I have just finished a slow rewatch of Nirvana in Fire, this time with my husband, and he has never, ever, ever done this before, but as soon as we got to the end he said we had to watch it again so we're now back on episode 2.

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hurt/comfort exchange reveals; also Guardian

To my COMPLETE SURPRISE, my wonderful gift Reportedly Missing was written by the lovely [personal profile] frith_in_thorns, who has such excellent taste in h/c that I had to write her a treat as well.

My assignment was for Rivers of London, and I wrote both Recovery Position and Beside the Seaside for [personal profile] esteliel, whose requests have left me with a WIP file full of attempts to write something for practically every tag they requested. In the end I managed sharing a bed for the first, because I've wanted Peter/Nightingale sharing a bed since forever, and shipwrecks and huddling for warmth for the second because I love ridiculous magical adventures. And I should really apologise to the Thames Barrier and the RNLI for the second fic, since I am certain that sea serpents would not give either of them a moment's bother in reality.

So there was that, and then of course I had to write something for frith, so that was Inversion featuring Aral comforting a drunk Illyan, hence the inversion.

And then there was my new fandom love, Disco, and I've been wanting to write more for that, and [personal profile] rosecake gave me an excuse with their excellent requests, so that turned into Faithful Wounds about Michael and mirror!Saru.


And separately, [personal profile] raven said I would like Guardian and they were completely right, it is adorable and lovely and a complete delight. I have only watched a few episodes as it is half term so time is limited, but I love Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan and their ridiculous adventures very very much. Also you should all go read raven’s fic meditations ex post facto which is why I started watching it and which doesn’t need any canon knowledge to enjoy.

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hurt/comfort exchange

The h/c exchange is live! And I have a delightful plotty fic featuring Simon Illyan being an idiot. And I have an idea as to who might have written it, so thank you again <3

Reportedly Missing (2836 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Simon Illyan, Aral Vorkosigan, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, Alys Vorpatril
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Time Period: Vorkosigan Regency, Poison, nefarious plots, Sometimes Simon is extremely unhelpful

"So, Simon," Aral said. "Would you like to tell me why you're hiding under my desk?"

I wrote about 15,000 words for this across four fics, and maybe one of them will take 5 minutes to guess instead of 0.5 seconds, but they're all pretty obvious. What can I do if people request characters and situations I love writing h/c for? Though actually I spent most of the writing period despairing at my inability to come up with ideas or write even the most boring of sentences, and then in the last three weeks it all came unstuck and I got four of them done in the end. This has been a really fun exchange and now I get to go and read all the h/c fics :-)

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Upstairs Downstairs

I am having such fun watching the original Upstairs Downstairs, and it is not at all what I expected. I mean, it has a lot of doffing hats and servants getting lectured on knowing their place. But it is aware of class and questions it in a way that something like Downton Abbey never even tries to do, and it really plays for keeps, compared to a lot of modern TV.

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