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Yuletide reveals

I wrote Peelian Principles, a Nightingale-centric missing scene set during Lies Sleeping for @luthien. Luthien's requests were perfectly up my alley, wanting missing scenes and Nightingale's perspective on Peter. I started writing this not sure exactly where it was going, with just the first line with Seawoll as a key to the story. The conversation with Chorley came out of nowhere, but after re-reading the section where Peter gets kidnapped and Chorley's efforts to persuade him to change sides, I wondered if Chorley might have thought Nightingale should be his natural ally, and made some efforts in that direction. And then I wasn't sure where the ending was for this, I overshot and started trying to write another scene of Nightingale clearing the warehouse and finding the prison where Peter had been held, but it wasn't working, and then I went back and edited the scene with Sahra and the whole thread about Nightingale's hair popped into my head and it just worked. So that's where that story came from. I keep thinking I don't have anything much to say about RoL, and then I keep getting these exchange assignments and discovering I have lots more, which is nice.

And my lovely Wimsey gifts, Good Morrow to our Waking Soules and As Their Wimsey Takes Him were by Jay Tryfanstone and tinx_r respectively. Thank you both so much for writing for me!

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Tags: lord peter wimsey, rivers of london, yuletide
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