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Dear Yuletide author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for writing for me! I'm very easy to please and am looking forward to whatever you want to write in the fandom we've matched on. I already know you have excellent taste in fandoms! If you've got something in mind already, you are completely welcome to ignore everything in this letter, because most of all I like reading a story the author had fun making.

Things I like:
- loyalty and protectiveness and trust, and problems that arise from it, conflicting loyalties
- hurt/comfort and characters caring about each other especially in small gestures
- tropefic (things like huddling together for warmth, bodyswap, soulbonding, in vino veritas, sharing a bed...)
- casefic and adventures and characters being competent and brave
- stoical/repressed characters communicating their emotions obliquely
- role reversals
- Christmassy stories
- important platonic relationships
- moral dilemmas and difficult decisions

Things I don't like:
- young child death (unless it's canon), stories that are pure PWP, stories with a very cynical or depressing ending

Bonnie Dundee, Rosemary Sutcliff, any
This has been one of my very favourite books since I was a child, and as far as I know there isn't any fic for it, so if you write me something, you will be the first, congratulations. I love Hugh so very much, how desperate he is for someone to follow and be loyal to and how he finds that someone in Claverhouse, how for him the person of Claverhouse trumps his familial loyalties and his own instincts - I loved the note that he would probably have liked William of Orange fine, but Claverhouse was against him, so he was with Claverhouse. For me this story is just wall-to-wall loyalty, and anything you want to write about that would make me very happy, missing scenes or canon divergence or Claverhouse's POV on Hugh or anything at all about either of them, I would love it. I enjoy my lady Jean and Darklis too, and I especially adored the scene where Jean and Hugh bond over how much they both love Claverhouse with the painting, if you wanted to write about that relationship more. I love the ending sequence too, even though it's tragic, when Claverhouse is leading his doomed army across Scotland and Hugh is trying and mostly failing to take care of Claverhouse, I'd love more of that.

Upstairs Downstairs, any
I started watching this show earlier in the year and I've got up to the end of Series 4 so far and I love it to pieces! I'm not strongly trying to avoid spoilers for the episodes I haven't watched, but I'd prefer not to have a fic that relies on me knowing them. I've requested Any because I really don't mind which of the nominated characters you write about, and if you want to write about a non-nominated character instead that's fine by me as well so long as they've appeared by Series 4. I love the entire ensemble! I love how this show is unflinching in its look at the Edwardian class system, I love how it doesn't pull its punches, I love how there aren't easy answers to the issues it raises and the show knows it. Complexity, I guess, is what I like about it, and I'd love a fic that brings that out. My favourite bits of the show have been when the Upstairs and Downstairs families connect with each other seriously - the time Hudson tries to resign, the time Rose and Miss Lizzie get arrested together, the time Hazel comforts Rose about Sgt Wilmot while grieving her own airman, the time Edward has flashbacks and talks to Mr Bellamy - and I'd love a moment like that if you felt like writing it. But really, anything about these characters, whether serious or light-hearted or tropey or anything at all.

Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L Sayers, Peter, Harriet, Bunter
I've requested this before and received a lovely fic, but I reread the series recently, then reread all the fic I could find including my gift, and was left still wanting more, so I'm requesting it again. Feel free to treat this as an OR request for the characters, I'd be equally happy with a fic about any one or two of them. I love Peter and Bunter's loyalty to each other, I love how Harriet figures out what she wants and what she's capable of, I love all the secondary characters and would be very happy to see any of them appearing. I am equally happy with shippy fic for Peter/Harriet or Peter/Bunter or OT3ing them, or gen fic of any kind. I'd adore a casefic, or a missing moment from the books, or if you want to come up with a canon AU I'd enjoy that too, and I've loved the silly tropes I've read in this fandom if you enjoy writing those.

Thank you again, and I hope you have fun writing!

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