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Sometimes living in the future is great.

The seal on our shower screen is giving up the will to live. On my most recent trip to B&Q - a regular occurrence when you have all unknowing married someone whose favourite words are 'no, we don't need to call anyone out, I can fix that myself' - I was instructed to find a new one and given dimensions. Of course they don't have anything with the precise dimensions, so I get the closest of the four available options and bring it home. It doesn't fit, and so Mr P suggests there's probably a website called shower seals dotcom where I can find every possible variety of shower seal and they'll have one that fits our shower. I laugh in his face, because this is obviously ridiculous.

My friends, there is such a website, with a trifling variation of name (just in case you are ever in this particular situation, it's and they do have every possible shape and style of shower seal. Including one that will fit our shower, which is now in the post to us. I am just delighted that this is a sufficiently common problem that some enterprising person has discovered that he can buy up stock of every kind of shower seal imaginable, list them all on one easy-to-use website, and sell them across the country in sufficient numbers to, presumably, make a living. There are times when I am annoyed by the modern world, like when Philomythulus discovered that if he types the words on his favourite marble run box into Google image search he can find 10,000 other marble runs that he would like me to buy, but this, I have to say, is excellent.

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