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16 January 2015 @ 09:17 am
[sticky post] Index to my Bujold fic (and others)  
If you want to find my fic, the best place to look is at my user page at AO3, where all my fic is archived. There is also a chronological index of the Vorkosigan fic, which is most of it. Or you can look through the tags here.

I am no longer updating this list, but I will keep it in case it's useful to anyone.

Illyan is taken prisoner during the Hegen Hub war.
2500 words. G

Vorberg's Lament
The Vors are failing.
400 words. G

Recollection and Recovery
Entry for the 2006 ficathon. Illyan and Alys during Memory.
2000 words. G

A Bit of a Loose Screw
Entry for the 2007 ficathon. Byerly during ACC.
4000 words. PG

Last Hope
lmb_challenge fic (prompt: changing times). Illyan and Alys during Memory.
300 words. G

lmb_challenge fic (prompt: mud). Gregor as a cadet.
300 words. G

Honour Thy Mother
Entry for the 2008 ficathon. Cordelia and her mother.
1100 words. G

lmb_challenge fic (prompt: mothers). Harra.
250 words. G

Untrammeled Judgement
lmb_challenge fic (prompt: argument). Illyan and Gregor during Mirror Dance.
900 words. G

Mark, Miles and Illyan during Mirror Dance.
400 words. G

A New Start
lmb_challenge fic (prompt: Miller quote). Aral Vorkosigan on the General Vorkraft.
1200 words. PG

The Lovers
lmb_challenge fic (prompt: stars). Alys and Simon on the beach.
300 words, G

lmb_challenge fic (prompt: confession). Illyan has a problem of conscience after TWA.
1800 words, G

Risking Hope
lmb_challenge fic (prompt: new life). Sharing Knife 'verse (spoilers for Horizon). Arkady sees a spark.
1500 words, PG

lmb_challenge fic (prompt: gossip). Her being her, and him being him, who would dare comment?
1500 words, PG

lmb_challenge fic (prompt: If you want to catch something, running after it isn't always the best way). Sharing Knife 'verse (spoilers for Horizon). Arkady has been caught.
700 words, PG

Five Conversations in Alys' Office
Alys and Simon grow closer over the years.
5100 words, G

lmb_challenge fic (prompt: remembering the fallen). Simon sees a ghost.
500 words, PG-13 for language

Dinner for Two
lmb_challenge fic (prompt: hearts). Ivan tries to save money.
150 words, G

Dress Sense
lmb_challenge fic (prompt: advice). Miles has a favour to ask of his Aunt Alys.
800 words, PG

Dancing Lessons
Simon has an evening off.
4200 words, PG

Pater Patriae
2009 ficathon entry for the prompt A conversation between Simon and Gregor after The Warrior's Apprentice or The Vor Game.
2900 words, PG

Love and Marriage
2009 ficathon entry for the prompt Padma and Alys, prior to the Pretendership.
1000 words, PG

2009 ficathon entry for the prompt Simon Illyan's early Imperial service. After joining ImpSec, but before becoming Aral's shadow.
900 words, PG

Alys turns the tables on Ivan
700 words, PG

Domestic Affairs
2009 ficathon entry for the prompt How does Lady Alys eventually reconcile her love of the right and proper with her affair with Captain Illyan?
2300 words, PG-13

Illyan joins Ivan for a drink
1400 words, PG

The Rules of Barrayaran Sex
My Yuletide fic, for TigerKat.
Cordelia isn't good at following rules.
5800 words, PG-13

A Commissioner's Duty
Honor Harrington fic, a Yuletide treat for Maat.
Theisman and LePic balance on the edge of treason.
1900 words, PG

Last Words
A Yuletide treat for Carnadine
Galeni burns an offering for his aunt
2100 words, PG

A Safe Bet
I bet Aral that you would choose the little Admiral.
1500 words, PG

The Pleasures of the Senses
Alys and Simon at Gregor's wedding. Romantic fluff.
3000 words, PG

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle 1/2 and 2/2
Alys, Kou and baby Ivan flee Vordarian. A missing subplot from Barrayar.
13,000 words, PG

Ficathon entry for the prompt: 'Domestic fics, Aral/Cordelia'. Aral isn't sure how to have this conversation.
400 words, PG-13

Vorkosigan's Day
Ficathon entry for the prompt: 'The first encounter between Aral and Galeni'. Galeni attends a seminar.
4500 words, PG-13, warning for graphic depictions of violence

On your right stands the queen in garments of gold
Ficathon entry for the prompt 'Generational transfer of power (voluntary or otherwise) with Laisa and Alys'. Clothes are a language, and Alys speaks it.
400 words, G

Reserve Forces
Ficathon entry for the prompt 'Ivan has been a secret agent all along'. 'Ivan, you idiot. What are you doing here?'
200 words, G

Electric Blue 1/2 and 2/2
Dr Who/Vorkosigan crossover. Ficathon entry for the prompt 'Eleven, Rory and Amy on Barrayar'. Amy asked to visit a planet with lots of horses
8200 words, PG

The Honey Trap
Ficathon entry for the prompt 'Illyan/Alys, with plot'. Guard your honour, let your reputation fall where it will, and outlive the bastards.
1700 words, PG-13, warning for serious consent issues

Protector of the Realm
Ficathon entry for the prompt 'Gregor comes to visit Aral in the hospital, during Mirror Dance.' tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis.
3800 words, G

Beyond the Grave
Comment-fic. Illyan had just wanted ship duty.
900 words, PG

Search Terms
Comment-fic. Ky Tung figures out who Admiral Naismith is.
400 words, PG

Comment-fic. Aral/Galeni and the glittering tinsel of neo-feudalism
600 words, PG

Cordelia discovers Barrayaran patriarchy in a very personal way. Outtake from 'The Rules of Barrayaran Sex'
900 words, PG

My Lord Count
Aral talks to his dead.
2100 words, PG-13, small amounts of violence

The Art of Negotiation
Aral and Cordelia on a busy evening during the Regency.
7400 words, PG

Cryoburn response fic.
1700 words, PG, spoilers for Cryoburn

Alys wore grey in mourning for Padma.
500 words, G

The Honour of House Vorkosigan
Piotr tidies up after Aral's two duels.
2100 words, PG, warning for Old Vor attitudes

In Loco Parentis
Illyan debriefs Galeni after Brothers in Arms.
3000 words, PG

Aral Vorkosigan's Dog
Index post. Illyan falls into Aral's orbit during the Escobaran war.
15 chapters, R for Ges, Serg and war crimes

Alys attends one Imperial birth and remembers another
600 words, PG, warning for Prince Serg

The Old Fox
Illyan and Dag Benin at the Imperial Wedding
G, 500 words

Secrets and Lies
Yuletide fic. How By came to be an ImpSec agent
6000 words, PG

The Absence of Pain
Another Yuletide fic. Padma and Aral after Escobar
1000 words, PG

The Secrets of Command
Aral gave Gottyan a plasma arc.
1000 words, PG

Aral and Cordelia wait.
1500 words, PG

The Earring
Aral and Cordelia on a state visit to Beta Colony
1400 words, PG-13, some frank Betan conversation

Aral/Alys fic, AU
3000 words, PG, major character deaths

Free the Prisoners
Aral moves to Beta Colony. Very AU
1500 words, PG-13, major character deaths

Aral/Cordelia slash (yes, really)
600 words, PG

The Christening
Aral, Simon, 'I didn't promise it was idiot-proof'
400 words, G

Harry Potter/Vorkosigan crossover
500 words, G

The Family Honour
Rulf Vorhalas survives Escobar
3700 words, PG

Better than Roses
1000 words, NC-17, bloodplay, painplay

Money, Power, Sex
And elephants.
200 words, G

Aral and Alys have a conversation in the green silk room.
700 words, PG

Body Language
written for the prompt: Aral/Illyan, witness
300 words, PG

The Practice of Barrayaran Sex 1/2 and 2/2
Aral and Cordelia's wedding. And wedding night.
16,000 words, R

The Princess and the Pea
A slashy outtake from Aral Vorkosigan's Dog
670 words, PG

Silver Lining
Lady Alys and the terrible, horrible, no-good very bad day.
1600 words, PG

Aral meets a Komarran when he's in hospital during Mirror Dance
2400 words, PG

Lie Back and Think of Barrayar
A political party. Quite a lot of brandy. And a moment of confusion.
850 words, PG, borderline crackfic

Disciplinary Problems
Captain Galeni's new Vor lieutenant is causing problems at the embassy.
2300 words, PG, Ivan/Duv roleplay kink

Alys/Illyan/Padma, they all got drunk on Gregor's fifth birthday.
700 words, PG, AU

darkness in the light
Five times Aral got drunk (and one he didn't).
600 words, PG-13, implied rape, Aral/Ges

Sonata for a Good Man
The Lives Of Others fic. Dreyman tries to write a letter
300 words, G

Miles looks at a political cartoon of his father
PG, 200 words

Body and Blood
After Komarr, Piotr tries to save his son and Ezar tries to save his Empire.
1100 words, PG

The Trooper and the Maid
Aral and Cordelia explore traditional Barrayaran sex again, this time with the aid of a folksong.
2000 words, explicit, roleplay, genderplay, pegging, consent play

Many of these fics have been translated into Russian, and can be found here.
Professorprofessor on March 10th, 2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
Hi! I found you through bujold_fic where I've been lurking. Your fic is awesome. Also, I would like to request MOAR SIMON/ALYS PLEAZ.
philomythaphilomytha on March 11th, 2009 07:27 am (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I have at least two Alys/Simon fics in progress at the moment, so you will get your wish...
(Anonymous) on July 8th, 2010 10:09 pm (UTC)
Help with Bujold fanfic in WGW

It looks like you've done a few Arkady-eye tales as well as some
interesting Vorkosiverse stories, and I'm still learning how to write
stories (I'm a mathematician/computer security expert, not any kind of
a literature person).

I'm trying to do a tale of what Dag's arrival at New Moon looked like
to Arkady, and how he came to end up travelling north, but it's not
going nearly as well as my first tale did (Floodwaters of Change). I
think partly I'm trying to do too much at once, but I'm also having
trouble figuring out how to retell large pieces of Horizon without
repeating it too much. I can think of several ways to break off small
tales from this large chunk of story; for example, teaching Calla
makes a tale on its own reasonably well, as does the week of getting
to know Sumac up till decision time for north versus south. But there
are all kinds of threads that are getting tangled in the
while-at-New-Moon-Cutuff portion, and I'm getting lost in how to make
them form a tapestry instead of a mess.

Any chance you'd be willing to give tips/look over what I've got so far?

Karen Hunt
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