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2013 in words

This has been the Year of Baby, so not surprisingly, there hasn't been anywhere near as much writing as previous years. However, I'm quietly pleased with what I have managed to get done: 34,000 words of posted fic, plus about another, ahem, 17k of Yuletide stories (not sure how that happened; feel free to play Guess The Fics in comments) and an awful lot of other stuff that's not finished or posted (my Rivers of London file that I started in August has 38,000 words, which includes the fics I've posted in that fandom but doesn't include a separate WIP that's already 14k on its own).

From my point of view, this has mostly been the writing year of Rivers of London, and it's dominated my thoughts since the summer (and earlier in the year I was wholly in Babyland anyway). I hope this hasn't been too much of a disappointment to those of you who are reading here for the Vorkosigan stuff, and I promise you there's still plenty more Vorkosigan fic to be written. But now I have two fandoms instead of one.

Which is kind of weird for me, because I've always been very monofannish. I have little ventures into other fandoms, and I read in loads of different fandoms, but I only ever felt a powerful writing impulse for Vorkosigan. But now I have this equally powerful writing impulse for Rivers of London too. It's an even tinier fandom than Vorkosigan, but I don't find that off-putting; rather the reverse: it's nice to know that my fics aren't going to vanish in a huge morass of similar stories and that the people who do read in the fandom are very keen for stories. And I seem to have plenty to tell.

It still surprises me that I should hear Peter's narrative voice so clearly in my head. I don't have much in common with him: he's a mixed-race working-class Londoner, and I'm - not any of those things. Perhaps it's because it's so strong in the books, and I've always picked up voices easily (this was embarrassing when I was doing a French language exchange and started speaking English with a French accent after a few days with my exchange partner, which I swear was not because I was making fun of her). I don't think I'm quite nailing Peter's voice yet, especially the humour, but I'm getting close in places. I love Nightingale very very much, but I seem to want to write him from Peter's perspective.

This has also been a year for plot, probably because RoL seems to make me write plotty fics and casefic - I don't seem to get a lot of plot bunnies for 'two characters sit in a room and talk' kind of fics in this fandom, whereas I've written rather a lot of them in Vorkosigan. London seems to need something to happen. Which is fun, but also harder to write and takes more thinking out and planning. I think my plotting and action scenes are improving, though. Not that there isn't scope for plenty more improvement.

Not much sex this year, which again isn't surprising given that there's been a baby in the room with me when I've done a lot of my writing, and that has a tendency to keep the ratings down and the themes milder. Not much that's high-rated at all - I think Yuletide has the most high-rated of the fics I've written this year, and also the darkest.

And because I like lists:

My most popular fic
Going by AO3 hits, this one is Tour Guide, by a whisker. Aral and Duv and Ivan and Alys have varied and complicated conversations with no plot at all. I'm still working up to the long Duv/Aral fic, which is probably not going to be actually slash at all but just lots and lots of Aral and Duv talking at and past and to each other while dealing with Plot. But writing their interactions in this fic was a load of fun - and also symptomatic of the problem I have with the long fic, which is that whenever I have them in the same room they wander off onto random historical-political-personal tangents and the plot kind of disappears for a while so that they can talk. In this fic, that was the point, and great fun it was too.

By kudos it's Dendarii and Cetagandans, probably because everyone loves young Ivan and Miles and Gregor having childhood adventures, and why not. I love them too.

My favourite fic
Zombies of Wimbledon! This fic was such an idfic, but one that I think managed to come across as quite readable, and I thought the plotty parts were in the spirit of the series. But mostly this fic exists because I like upsetting Nightingale's balance in various ways and making Peter deal with it.

My best fic
I think Rule of Law, just about. Vorhalas lends himself to complex stories with no easy answers, and I think that's what I got there. I'm very pleased with how that one came out, all the undercurrents and issues about fathers and sons and doing the right thing. Second prize goes to one of my Yuletide fics.

Hardest to write
I think this one goes to The Family Trade, given that I've been working on that one for years. And Dendarii and Cetagandans. It's weird, when I finished them I couldn't see why it had been so hard, but both of those had sat on my hard drive unfinished for ages. Along with far too many others... every year I resolve that instead of writing new stories I will finish off some of the old ones, and every year I just add to the pile of unfinished stories. I think I may just have to embrace this as My Method and give up on trying to fix it.

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