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1. Ten in Ten kind of turned into Three in Three, but I'm still pleased with myself. Plus, I had a steady trickle of happy readers commenting all weekend, and that made a very uphill sort of weekend a lot better. (Including literally uphill, as Mr P tossed aside my suggestion of a nice flat riverside walk in favour of one he assured me repeatedly was much better. It involved climbing all the way from the riverside to get up onto the open moor and then up some more, and then going back down again along a path that believed it was in fact a streambed. The views were great, but I think next time we want to walk on the moor we'll drive up first and start a good bit higher up. Also I am going to inquire more closely into the number of contour lines we're crossing on his next 'much better' walk.)

2. Anne Elliot needs all the hugs. Fortunately Captain Wentworth will provide. And I want future-fic for them, sailing around having AOS adventures and meeting Jack Aubrey. We just watched the 1995 film, which is superb, and I was reminded of just how much I love that book.

3. Still mulling over Yuletide nominations and requests and so forth, but I will undoubtedly be playing again this year. I missed it a lot last year, but it didn't seem wise to risk it. I kind of want to request Lives of Others fic, but I'm also a bit wary of fic for that film, because it is perfect in itself. On the other hand, Yuletide writers can pull off some amazing things.

4. Tried watching an episode of Vera, a new ITV murder mystery drama. It started off promisingly, but gradually accumulated clichés and melodramatic plot twists as it went on, and I never understood why the murderer was carrying a gun in the first place. I'm all in favour of having older female heroines, but I never quite clicked with Vera.

5. The Amelia Peabody murder mysteries, by contrast, are light, silly and fun. There seem to be quite a lot of them; I've read the first three or so and enjoyed them, though I'm wondering how many different Egyptology plots the author can actually come up with.

6. The trouble with writing Rivers of London fic is that I have to do research! I can't just make stuff up at random. This has led to a great deal of time spent with Google street view, details of a London borough's recycling depots, and the Met's graduate recruitment scheme. It's educational, certainly.

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