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h/c bingo

There is no situation so stressful that a screaming baby can't make it more stressful. Since my motto under stress is 'when in doubt, write hurt/comfort', I signed up for a h/c bingo card, and now I'm wondering where to start. So I figured I'd ask you all - do any of these prompts suggest characters/situations to you? I'm not promising to write anything particular (I've signed up for a bunch of bingos and I'm not sure I've ever managed to complete any) but it's worth a try. You all know my fandoms, though I'll add that I am trying to write a 'Rivers of London' fic right now, so if you know those books and want to suggest prompts for them, go ahead.

theft cursed orphans falsely imprisoned hugs
falling confession in desperate situation runaways sensory deprivation severe / life-threatening illness
loss of hearing drugged WILD CARD loss of identity interrogation
plane crash unconsciousness crucifixion amnesia planet destruction
loss of home / shelter suicide attempt toothache humiliation poisoning

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