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I happened across some lovely Vorkosiverse art from the Russian fandom. I particularly love the Aral/Cordelia one, and Bel with the hamster.

1. the Koudelka sisters
2. Ivan/By kissing
3. Bel and a hamster
4. Enrique, Armsman Jankowski's daughter, and a butter bug
5. Cordelia returns with her shopping
6. Taura
7. Taura at Winterfair
8. Rish as a living statue
9. Miles/Bel in bed, in Bel's dream
10. Aral and Cordelia at the end of Shards
11. Ekaterin walking out of the dinner party
12. Doctor Raven Durona
13. Lt Illyan
14. Cordelia and maple leaves
15. Miles
16. the ImpSec building, at the end of CVA
17. Cordelia Naismith
18. Ekaterin
19. Bothari as Cordelia's dog

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